is a powerful online industrial product search engine to offer producers and buyers the ability to find quickly and effectively a healthy number of clients. is targeted at 22 million SMEs in the EU who are seeking for opportunities to expand their client base and find new suppliers to optimize costs.

Innovative B2B e-commerce

We enable innovative functionalities for B2B e-commerce. Online transaction platform. A manufacturing SME, who wants to expand their business through online sales does not need to create an individual online store with high setup, administrative and regulatory costs. A single-company store would receive low visibility in search engines.

Input sensitive user interface

A company adding their products to can easily categorise the product to the right product group. This has crucial importance for ensuring the comparability of products.

Integration with inventory and other software

The users of can see real-time information of inventories. Thus, a firm does not need to approach a supplier for further information on potential delivery times, price and product availability. Inventory is highly compatible with different business software.

Online payment platform with deposit option

The business risk for a company buying from an unknown foreign supplier will be decreased. contains a deposit service, which releases the payment to the supplier only after the buyer has confirmed they have accepted the order and are satisfied with the quality.

High quality product information

We emphasises product and price information availability as this is one of the greatest challenges SMEs face when making transactions.

Easy and inexpensive makes account set-up simple and compatible with their existing software. Pay when you trade only!