Protect-it MAXI™ structural column guards, column protectors (20/8) 030-24078  2943EURO  European Storage Equipment OÜ

Protect-it MAXI™ is a revolutionary new structural column guard designed to minimize damage to structural columns and assets resulting from a forklift or vehicle impact. The unique patented modular design makes Protect-it MAXI™ structural column protectors expandable to fit any column size and shape. 
PROTECT-ITMAXI is the ORIGINAL and BEST Injection moulded structural column protector in the world.
Features and Benefits
Impact Test Results
 Sold Worldwide = Proven Performance
 Reduces Column Damage = €€€ saved
 Improves Workplace Safety = Reduces risk of Collapse 
 Fits any column size and shape 
 UNIQUE MODULAR DESIGN - ONE SKU creates all sizes
 FLEXIBLE HEIGHT = from 500mm upwards
 SPACE SAVING = Only 78mm thick per side
 Able to Double wrap columns in high risk areas
 FULLY TESTED - FEA and Real world
 Securely grips the column = no extra fasteners needed
 Effective in cold stores as low as minus 40 degrees.
 Delivers even impact resistance from all directions.  
 Installed in minutes = low labour cost = €€€ saved
 Compact  = LOW TRANSPORT COST = €€€ saved
 One pin removal for inspection = takes seconds
 Made from ultra high impact absorbing polymer
 Unique Patented Modular Design.
 PASS - No column damage to a 100UC-15 column after a 2.7 ton forklift impact at 2km/hour. 
 PASS - No column damage to a 200UC_59 column after a 2.7 ton forklift impact at 6km/hour. 

Additional manuals and specifications
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