Lisakaugtuli TRIPLE-R 1000 COMPETITION LED SPOTLIGHT 00R8-Comp  Lazer Lamps  HMK Auto OÜ

Toote info:

E-Boost seades / E-märgistusega seades 

8000 / 2400 Lm

25% päevavalgust 1887 / 927 meetrit

3 x päevavalgus 943 / 464 meetrit

In (100%) E-Boost mode / E-Mark Compliant mode:


HIGH BEAM FUNCTION   Total Luminous Flux 8000 / 2400 Lm Number of High Output LEDs 8 Power Consumption 92 / 28 Watts Current Draw (at 14.4V) 6.4 / 1.9 Amps DIMENSIONS   Width 400 mm Depth 103 mm Height

73 mm



Utilising the very latest LED chip technology the Triple-R Competition Range achieves an intensity and range of illumination that is unsurpassed in the market. It is through a relentless pursuit of maximising light output, minimising weight, and power consumption, that the Triple-R Competition is now the lighting system of choice for leaders in the world of rally and endurance motorsport.


The Triple-R Competition 1000 is typically mounted using Lazer’s Boomer Straight-Mount system, with the addition of the Triple-R Reeded Lens(es) to provide an intensity and spread of light which can be tailored to each event. For example, for tight and twisty circuits, the driver may choose 3 reeded lenses, whereas on tracks with long and fast straights, just one reeded lens might be more appropriate. Additionally the light comes E-mark certified thanks to the utilisation of the patented E-Boost system. This allows the light to operate either in road-legal mode, or at full output when the supplied E-Boost cap is fitted to the back of the lamp.


With an intensity of light that surpasses a pair of the leading HID lamps, a Triple-R Competition 1000 delivers 1 lux at 943m (in E-Boost mode) from 8 high power LEDs, with the light focused on a series of vacuum metallised hooded reflectors synonymous with the dynamic look and performance of the entire Triple-R range. The Triple-R Competition is about more than just long range however; against competing technologies and lighting systems, our carefully selected colour temperature enables sharper definition, while the hooded reflector system delivers greater vertical pitch for improved lighting under heavy acceleration and braking.


As with all Lazer products, the build quality and longevity of the products are assured through features including: CAE optimised heatsink, Electronic Thermal Management system, the Triple-R Charged Air Cooling™ system, ‘unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens, and full aluminium enclosure with Goretex breather membrane.




What's included:
- x1 Triple-R 1000 Competition LED Lamp (with E-Boost cap)
- x1 Side Bracket Kit (1118k)
- x1 Wiring and Installation Instructions 

Additional manuals and specifications
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