After requesting a quote, an email is sent to the supplier which can be viewed here. The order has three status - pending, accepted and rejected.

View Order

Detailed order view - the buyers information and products are displayed. The buyers questions/comments are also shown.

The supplier has the right to accept or reject the order. In both cases, an automated email is sent to the buyer (‘Order accepted’ or ‘We are sorry, your order has been declined’) with an explanation from the supplier.

Product Groups

Suppliers private/specific product groups. This function allows the supplier to group their own products together and these groups are not visible to the buyer. In the future, these groups can be used as filters in order to make use of promotions within these groups, geofencing etc.


Product list.

Edit Product

Product: Basic Product Information
Listing: Offering, delivery time, stock balance
Files: Allows the upload of product images and documents.: Formats (PDF, doc, etc.) will be displayed in product information as hyperlinks.

Data Sources

Data sources which are used for product information upload. Currently via Erply or Excel.

Data Source: Erply

Category Mapping allows Erplys to match categories within the categories of the Inventory (subcategories are also transferred).

Data Source: Excel

Import products from Excel/CSV

E-shop Widget

Our eShop Widget allows suppliers to display their Inventory.com listings on their own webpage by just copy-pasting couple of lines html/javascript code to their webpage.